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Fox Integrated Healthcare uses powerful regenerative and physical medicine treatments to help you get back to living the life you want to live. 

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Our state of the art facility is truly a one stop shop for all things related to natural healthcare. 

Integrated Healthcare with Innovative Expert Treatments

You deserve quality healthcare you can trust, and at Fox Integrated Healthcare we can address all of your healthcare needs in our state of the art facility with a customized holistic approach. We work with you to meet your health goals and address your concerns with patient-focused care plans at your pace to ensure you have the most comfortable and secure experience in our carefully crafted wellness environment.

At Fox Integrated Healthcare our mission statement, “Maximizing Health for Life,” is the building block for our approach to health and patient care. We diagnose, treat and educate our patients with your quality of life in mind. We partner with you to get you on the road to living your best life using our specialized expertise in Amniotic Allograft, dry needling/acupuncture, BMAC Decompression, ALCAT food intolerance testing, LiteCure class IV laser, hormone testing and Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP).

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Comprehensive Total Body Treatments to Optimize Your Health

Our team at Fox Integrated Healthcare works to give patients an alternative to the conveyor belt, one-size-fits-all approach of other healthcare providers. We specialize in changing your idea of healthcare by focusing on your total health and wellness and “Maximizing health for life.” At Fox Integrated Healthcare you are guaranteed to always be treated as an individual with personalized treatment plans that work best with your life, your comfort and most importantly get you back to feeling and living the way you deserve. It takes more than condition focused treatment to restore your body to its optimal state, at Fox Integrated Healthcare we understand that genuine healing depends on customized treatment tailored to the individual patient. Our unique care plans lay the foundation for solid preventative care and are the backbone of our complete holistic healthcare principle approach.

Derek and Audrey Fox set out to serve the communities of Broomfield, Colorado and surrounding areas in 2001 when they founded the state-of-the-art Fox Integrated Healthcare facility.

Since then, Fox Integrated Healthcare has become a trusted source of pain relief with safe non-invasive treatments for the Broomfield, Westminster, Boulder, Denver, and Lafayette areas. Derek and Audrey Fox along with their highly skilled team have helped patients make major health and quality of life improvements with a comprehensive medical approach.

The team at Fox Integrated Healthcare prides itself on remaining on the leading edge of healthcare and holistic innovation. Our staff is constantly widening the scope of how we can help our patients by prioritizing continuous learning and a focus on reaching expert skill levels in a wide range of treatment. Fox Integrated Healthcare offers effective specialized treatment for orthopedic conditions like back and neck injuries as well as immune health, nutrition, digestive health, non-invasive body contouring, pain management, non-surgical physical injury therapy and more.

Derek B. Fox, DC

Derek B. Fox, DC

Executive Director Doctor

Audrey E. Kenyon-Fox, DC

Audrey E. Kenyon-Fox, DC

Executive Doctor

Ashli Clearwater, FNP

Ashli Clearwater, FNP

Nurse Practicioner

Chrissy Soole, DC

Chrissy Soole, DC


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Empowering Patients Through Care, Support, and Guidance

Each member of our outstanding team works as essential parts of a whole and gives us the ability to treat every health and wellness need of our patients. Our staff of medical doctors, chiropractors, nurse practitioners, nutritionists, certified health coaches, personal trainers and other experts are here to help assemble each building block of your successful healthcare plan.

To provide an optimal level of natural healthcare, Fox Integrated works with you to get to know and understand your body and health needs. We go beyond the common, basic diagnostic approach of other providers and work to peel back the layers of the problem to discover the root cause. Our advanced diagnostic testing and analysis expose the underlying secrets of your condition and gives us a map to restoration and future prevention. Your body is unique and complex and requires dedicated diagnosis and treatment to discover all of the factors affecting your health including environmental influences, hormonal and cellular interactions and genetics. We want to create a natural and holistic path to lasting health and wellness.

Prevention Starts with Education

At Fox Integrated Healthcare the most integral part of our personalized approach to healthcare is YOU! We make sure your concerns and needs are heard and incorporated into your treatment plans, so you feel in control of your health. We focus on educating you to make sure you feel confident, informed, supported and secure during your treatment as you achieve your health goals.

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