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Fox Integrated Healthcare uses powerful regenerative and physical medicine treatments to help you get back to living the life you want to live. 

Get Your Health Back

Our state of the art facility is truly a one stop shop for all things related to natural healthcare. 


If you’re in pain, want to live a more holistic lifestyle or unsatisfied with your current conventional treatment, chiropractic care may be the option you need to get your life and health back on track. 

Here at Fox Integrated Healthcare we treat people like individuals. We want to know your specific needs. As a result, your first appointment will be a consultative process to asses your needs and health goals.

Are you ready to live your best, pain-free life? Call us today to schedule your chiropractic care consultation.

Injury Chiropractic Care

Are you experiencing muscle spasms, strain and stiffness, neck, back or any other type of pain as a result of an accident or injury? If so it is very important to seek treatment as soon as possible. 

These symptoms can indicate an undiagnosed injury, and could result in chronic pain if left untreated.

Fox Integrated Healthcare has an integrated medical, rehabilitation and chiropractic facility with the ability to perform a wide variety of diagnostic testing to pinpoint your injury and deliver relief. Call us today and let’s get you on the road to recovery.

Regenerative Stem Cell Therapy

Over half of patients with joint conditions report they are unsatisfied with the relief they have experienced with pharmaceutical and surgical treatments available.

As a result patients are harnessing the power of stem cell therapy and experiencing improvement in their conditions that they never thought possible. Stem cell therapy offers all of the advantages of healing by restoring and repairing injured cells with none of the drawbacks of other treatment.

The key to a successful therapy treatment is timing. Don’t suffer in pain for too long. Contact our office today for your stem cell therapy consultation now to stop the damage and get you on the path to healing today.

Neuropathy Treatments

Pain and discomfort caused by peripheral nerve dysfunction is called neuropathy. Disorders that affect the peripheral nerves can result in constant, agonizing tingling, numbness and pins and needles sensations in the extremities.

The chronic pain of peripheral neuropathy can impair function and decrease your ability to perform normal daily tasks. The team at Fox Integrated Healthcare uses advanced diagnostic techniques and a personalized medical analysis that makes diagnosis quick and effective. 

If you’re ready to take control of your health and choose to live free of neuropathy pain call us today!

Hormone Replacement Therapy

Fox Integrated Healthcare is a certified of Provider of BioTe® Hormone Replacement treatments.

Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy treats deficiencies in your hormone levels and creates a customized hormone balance program to bring your levels back into harmony. BioTe® is one of the latest, proven methods for treating hormone imbalance in men as well as women.

Call us today and schedule a consultation. Let us help you feel more like a healthier and happier version of YOU!

Our Team

Derek and Audrey Fox set out to serve the communities of Broomfield, Colorado and surrounding areas in 2001 when they founded the state-of-the-art Fox Integrated Healthcare facility.

Since then, Fox Integrated Healthcare has become a trusted source of pain relief with safe non-invasive treatments for the Broomfield, Westminster, Boulder, Denver, and Lafayette areas. Derek and Audrey Fox along with their highly skilled team have helped patients make major health and quality of life improvements with a comprehensive medical approach. Call us today, we want to be part of helping you to live a happier, healthier and pain-free life!

Derek B. Fox, DC

Derek B. Fox, DC

Executive Director Doctor

Nicky Theiss, MD

Nicky Theiss, MD

Medical Director

Audrey E. Kenyon-Fox, DC

Audrey E. Kenyon-Fox, DC

Executive Doctor

Kerrie Beyer, MSN, APRN, FNP-C

Kerrie Beyer, MSN, APRN, FNP-C

Nurse Practicioner

Ashli Clearwater, FNP-BC

Ashli Clearwater, FNP-BC

Nurse Practicioner

Empowering Patients Through Care, Support, and Guidance

Each member of our outstanding team works as essential parts of a whole and gives us the ability to treat every health and wellness need of our patients.

Our staff of medical doctors, chiropractors, nurse practitioners, nutritionists, certified health coaches, personal trainers and other experts are here to help assemble each building block of your successful healthcare plan.


Call to schedule a consultation with our team to get on track to feeling your best!


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