The National Institute of Health has agreed that Stem Cell Treatment is a safe and effective treatment. It has been considered a miracle cure. Almost 50% of those who have joint problems state they are not satisfied with the relieve that surgery or pharmaceutical drugs offer them. If you experience arthritis, an injury that impacts a joint, or a joint condition, stem cell therapy might be right for you.

Chiropractor Broomfield CO: Let’s Talk about Stem Cell Therapy

Studies have proven stem cell therapy to be quite promising.

Stem cells are actually very versatile. They have the ability to divide and multiply into even more stem cells and they can become any type of cell in your body. This means that stem cells have the ability to repair tissue. They are able to find the cells that are needing help, heal the ligaments, tendons, tissue, and bone.

Since stem cells do age as well, stem cell therapy is actually able to boost your healing as it targets the area you need to target.

The main issue that people have had with stem cell therapy is whether or not it is an ethical procedure. Amniotic stem cell therapy is actually separate and free from the controversial issue of embryonic stem cell therapy. Amniotic stem cell therapy is performed under uncompromising safety guidelines.

Chiropractor Broomfield CO: Stem Cell Therapy and Arthritis

As cartilage in your joins begin to deteriorate, pain occurs and arthritis develops. Arthritis is actually a leading cause of disability here in the United States. Roughly 600,00 Americans receive a knee replacement yearly. By 2030, this number could greatly increase to a shocking 3 million and up until recently, people were very limited in their options for treatment.

This is where stem cell therapy comes in.

Chiropractor Broomfield CO: Stem Cell Therapy for Your Knees

In several situations, stem cell therapy for the knees has been repairing cartilage as well as decreasing pain. Consequently, they have been improved quality of life. Not only that, but they have also avoided surgery, which is always a plus.

Stem cells heal tissues. There are areas in the body where the blood supply is limited. One of these areas is, of course, the knee. Because stem cells work by restoring dying cells, they (stem cells) do not work as great in the knee. 

Stem Cell Therapy

There is another option to make the stem cells work better in areas such as the knee where the blood supply is restricted. Stem cells can actually be injected at that point in order to begin this process towards self-recovery.

Cartilage in the joints help to provide smooth movement. This helps to protect your bones from any friction. Did you know that your cartilage in your joints actually help to absorb the shock of up to 20 times of your body weight?

When osteoarthritis occurs, the cartilage deteriorates. This is one of the more common disorders that usually impacts the knee.  It can begin as a knee injury.

If you hate surgery, it’s important to note that stem cell therapy in the knees is actually minimally invasive.

There are a multitude of benefits:

  • Decreases inflammation
  • Repairs any form of damage that is caused by arthritis
  • Decreases the need for knee replacement surgery

Stem cells are taken from bone marrow. Afterwards, it is injected into the knee.

This procedure is rarely ever painful. It is noninvasive. It takes about fifteen minutes to perform the procedure.

Chiropractor Broomfield CO: Stem Cell Therapy Side Effects 

Side effects, however, that do occur can include mild pain where the stem cells were injected. Occasionally, swelling occurs as well as joint stiffness. While the risks to injecting stem cells in different parts of the body (like the spine or the eyes), it is comparatively safe to perform on the knees.

Most people report that they have a remarkable reduction of pain just one day after the treatment. While there is a possibility of the mentioned side effects occurring, it is not comparable to the amount of recovery time needed after surgical and pharmaceutical therapy.

Adult stem cells are actually collected from the person who needs the procedure done. This provides a safe procedure as it decreases the potential for a bad reaction.

Here are a few risks of a bad reaction occurring :

  • When different kinds of stem cells are used
  • When stem cells are taken to a lab to grow and develop after being extracted
  • When stem cells are mixed with any other medium or a chemical

There are a few different options if you are unfortunately experiencing knee pain. You could either take anti-inflammatory medication or pursue physical therapy. Steroids are also an option for an alternative treatment.

Chiropractor Broomfield CO: Long Term Benefits of Stem Cell Therapy

Proceeding with stem cell therapy could help you to avoid knee surgery. It is minimally invasive and the side effects are quite minimal when you are pursuing stem cell injection in the knees.

Stem cell therapy is an ideal option because it’s actually a concentrated portion of the healing process that already occurs in your body. Stem cell therapy is not a temporary relief. It offers permanent healing. It works to rebuild the injured area at a cellular level, healing cells for long-lasting repair. It steers growth to the areas that you need it the most and begins repair almost immediately after the treatment begins.

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