Medical Weight Loss in Westminster, CO

It can be extremely difficult to lose weight on your own, but at Fox Integrated Healthcare, medical weight loss solutions are customized to help patients to achieve their weight loss goals and lead their healthiest lives.

Effective Weight Loss Solutions

Our office offers a comprehensive weight loss program, incorporating non-invasive medical treatment, including supplementation, nutritional counseling, and a plan for restoring the function of your metabolism. Many issues can hamper weight loss, including but not limited to hormone imbalance, food allergies, nutritional deficiencies, and a sluggish metabolism. Fox Integrated Healthcare employs an integrated approach to healthcare, to treat the root of patients’ issues, not just the symptoms.

Fox Integrated Healthcare uses this multi-pronged approach, using supplementation and nutritional counseling. In addition, our staff works with patients to teach lifestyle changes needed to maintain the new weight, or lose more weight if necessary, focusing on good nutrition, and an effective exercise routine. For weight loss, you’ll find that Fox Integrated Healthcare can help you meet your desired weight and achieve your wellness goals.

Schedule a Consultation

Our providers have extensive experience with taking patients through this cutting edge program. If you’re like to schedule a FREE Weight Loss Consultation, call our office today 720-729-8873. We’re ready to help you meet your health goals and help you start living pain-free.