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Thousands of patients each year are harnessing the power of regenerative medicine and experiencing improvement in their conditions that they never thought possible. The treatments offer all of the advantages of healing by restoring and repairing injured cells with none of the drawbacks of other treatment.

Regenerative medicine gives patients the opportunity to not just mask the symptoms of their condition with treatments that provide temporary relief. Many patients like you want to experience a turn around with your condition, but the side-effects and risks of the traditional treatments hold you back. Treatments are non-invasive, non-surgical, non-pharmaceutical treatment that gives patients the option to avoid all of the debilitating risks of surgical solutions for injuries and degenerative conditions.

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Regenerative Stem Cell Therapy Broomfield CO

On average, close to 50% of patients with joint conditions report they are unsatisfied with the relief they have experienced with pharmaceutical and surgical treatments available.

If you’re suffering from degenerative joint conditions, arthritis or any injury affecting the joints, regenerative medicine treatments may be right for you. If you’re unsatisfied with your current treatment or have reservations about the risks of surgical and pharmaceutical approach, our expert regenerative therapy team is here for you as you make the change to a safer, more effective therapy that will get you back to living the active life you want.


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Wharton’s Jelly


Regenerative Stem Cell Therapy Broomfield COWharton’s jelly is a gelatinous substance in the umbilical cord that provides cushioning and support to the umbilical vein and arteries. Also known to be a rich source of cytokines, growth factors, proteins and mesenchymal stem cells.

The unique characteristics associated with Wharton’s jelly have given rise to a wave of new clinical trials to understand its attributes and functions.

After extensive research, Predictive believes Wharton’s jelly is unparalleled in its potential in regenerative medicine, perhaps offering a way to better the regenerative process for all people.


Bone Marrow Aspirate (BMAC)


Autologous therapy is another option for patients seeking stem cell treatment with concerns about ethics. 

This mix of progenitor cells, platelets, and white blood cells concentrate the power of your body’s natural healing process into the damaged area for optimal healing results.

Regenerative Stem Cell Therapy Broomfield COA sample of your bone marrow is extracted through a minimally invasive process and our expert team isolates and concentrates the stem cells contained.

BMAC is ideal for moderate injuries and damage and can repair bone, cartilage, muscle, tendons, ligaments, and tissue.



Adipose-Derived Stem Cell Therapy


Adipose-derived stem cell therapy uses highly supportive concentrated cells from adipose tissue to direct healing to damaged areas. Concentrated adipose tissue therapy treatments are ideal for mild to moderate damage.

Adipose tissue therapy is an autologous treatment which means you are both the donor and recipient of the concentrated cells. The sample for your concentrated adipose tissue treatment is extracted in a non-invasive procedure and results in a high concentration of mesenchymal stem cells delivered to the damaged site for healing and restoration.

Platelet Rich Plasma

Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy speeds healing of musculoskeletal Injuries”

Platelet- Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy, a treatment for aiding the regeneration of ligament and tendon injuries, helps to shorten rehabilitation time and often eliminates the need for surgery. Platelet-rich plasma therapy is part of a relatively new field of medicine known as orthobiologics that includes the use of stem cells and emphasizes employing the latest technologies along with the body’s natural ability to heal itself.

“One of our major goals is to make healing time fast for patients with soft tissue injuries,” says Christopher S. Ahmad, MD, Director, Center for Pediatric and Adolescent Sports Medicine at New York-Presbyterian Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital. “For example, a patient undergoing elbow ligament reconstructive surgery, commonly referred to as Tommy John surgery, may take a year to recover. That’s a long time. Recovery time for anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) surgery is approximately six months.

So while we are very good at performing surgery to correct the injuries, we’re now accelerating the healing by biologic manipulation. That’s where platelet-rich plasma comes in.

Click here to read more about Platelet-Rich Plasma. 

Regenerative medicine is the ideal treatment option because it’s a concentrated dose of the natural healing process already occurring in your body

Fox Integrated Healthcare specializes in making sure your road to healing is comfortable and convenient with an amazing support team in one location.

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