Metatarsalgia is a term for a common overuse injury in which inflammation and pain occurs in the ball of the foot. It is not recommended to try and exercise this pain away. The best plan of action is to meet with a medical professional who can provide you with an appropriate treatment plan.

Get Relief from Metatarsalgia

Pain originating in the metatarsals, the five long bones in the front of the foot, is called metatarsalgia. This pain can run to the arches, making it difficult to remain on your feet for work, and inhibit your ability to enjoy physical activities. It is a common injury among runners who haven’t taken proper preventative precautions. Left untreated, it can lead to limited range of motion, swollen joints, or stiffness and inflammation.

The doctors at Fox Integrated Healthcare offer a metatarsalgia treatment plan which includes:

  • Customized orthopedic inserts
  • Massage / Physical Therapy
  • Lifestyle adjustment
  • Regenerative medicine

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