Our Wellness Partners

At our clinic, our system of healing is supported by our wellness partners, whose contributions are vital to the success of our office.

The list of our partners who help us uphold and maintain our high standards includes :


  • ALCAT- Food Allergy Testing
  • BioTe
  • Black Wing Meats: Mercola
  • Colorado Chiropractic Association
  • DesBio: Homeopathics, Botanicals, Nutrionals
  • Greens First
  • ALCAT Food Sensitivity & Intolerance
  • Labrix Hormone Testing
  • HCG
  • Lifetime Fitness- Westminster CO
  • 24 Hour Fitness- Broomfield CO
  • TruFit – Westminster CO
  • LiteCure Laser: Class IV Laser
  • Xymogen- Vitamins, Minerals and other Supplements
  • Douglas Labs- Vitamins, Minerals and other Supplements
  • Mercola- Articles about nutrition and other healthy topics
  • Nordic Naturals- Tasty Vitamins and Fish Oils your kids will Love!
  • Spider-Tech:  Kinesiology Tape
  • Standard Process: Whole Food Supplements
  • Beyond Organics
  • Direct Labs
  • Genova Labs
  • Systemic Formulas
  • Foot Levelers
  • Erchonia Lasers
  • Zerona-Body Contouring Laser
  • Predictive BioTech
  • Biogenetics
  • Blueprint to Neuropathy

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